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DCX3400/A380/010/500 Converter box

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The Motorola DCX 3400 HDTV PVR set top box is a dual tuner cable box with a built in 500GB hard drive.

The DCX 3400 is a lot faster than the previous DCT Series cable boxes thanks to increased processor power, additional flash and S-DRAM.  The new DCX 3400 set-top boxes also decodes both MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC services while the DCT predecessor only handles MPEG-2.  This means that the DCX3400 will support for both 2-D and 3-D TV, Dolby Digital and Digital PLUS audio and automatic video formatting for 480i/p all the way up to 1080i/p via HDMI.

The built is 500GB Hard drive is a great improvement over the 160GB hard drive found in the previous DCT models and will allow you to record 60-80 hours of HD content.  If that’s not enough space for you the DCX 3400 has an eSata port which will allow you to connect an external 1TB eSata Hard Drive expanding the recording capacity to 200-240 hours of HD recording.

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