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Diamond/Sachs Universal  Messenger Drop Wire Clamp CATV - Confluent Technology Group

Diamond/Sachs Universal Messenger Drop Wire Clamp CATV

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$ 1.97

Universal Messenger Drop Wire Clamp - CATV The Universal Messenger Drop Wire Clamp is uniquely designed to accept series 59, 6 and 7 messengered coax cable with messenger of up to .072" diameter*. It may be mounted on the Sachs® Omni House Hook, SCO3 Span Clamp, P House Hook or any clamp/hook or functional equivalent by means of the large eye bailwire. Messenger cable is secured within the clamp by means of a simple wrapping technique.


• Channel shaped body with large diameter rolled “nose” section, helps protect coax cable from strain and abrasion

• Combination of body design and wrapping technique allows installer to securely “dead end” messenger without risking breakage even under high tensile loads (225 lb min rating)

• Stainless steel bailwire insures a strong corrosion resistant, worry-free connection of messengered cable.

• Folded edges on all sections of the body reduce the possibility of damage to coax cable or messenger jacket and reduce possible installer injury

• Aluminum body and stainless steel bailwire guarantee a corrosion free service life INSTALLATION 1. Separate about 15" of messenger from coax cable. (Bailwire can be used as an aid)

2. Wrap messenger around large rolled “nose” of clamp and through bailwire

3. Pull messenger tight against body, then make second wrap in “L” shaped slot

4. Continue to wrap messenger twice around the body

5. Feed messenger out end of clamp and cut away excess protruding beyond the end of the clamp body Notes: 1. At the “house end” of drop the sag and tensioning of the drop can be adjusted while performing step 2. above 2. * Cable using .072" diameter messenger must be malleable enough to allow the tight wrapping techniques required


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