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DRMM4A Rack Enclosure w/ Power Supply - Confluent Technology Group

DRMM4A Rack Enclosure w/ Power Supply

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The DRMM4A is a 1RU rack mount carriage with a built-in power supply. The assembly accepts up to four units of either the Drake DDC864A Digital Downconverter or DUC864 Digital Upconverter (or any combination of those equaling a total of four units).


All modules install through one of the four openings in the front panel of the DRMM4A. Each module is installed with the handle toward the right-hand side of the DRMM4A unit. Each DRMM4A should be secured with the enclosed screws via mounting holes at the two ends of the DRMM4A front faceplate. DC power cable connections, and any other module-to-module interconnections should be made to each module prior to mounting the DRMM4A system into your 19 inch rack. Observe proper polarity of cable connectors.


Adequate ventilation is very important in multichannel installations. Units should be spaced apart by at least one panel height wherever possible, and some air movement is advisable in enclosed rack cabinets. Excessive heat will shorten component life and system performance will be degraded without proper cooling.

The power supply features a universal input voltage switching power supply with attached 115 VAC line cord and four separate DC output cables with polarized 3-circuit connectors.


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