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DSE24 High Definition Encoder with Closed Captioning - Confluent Technology Group

DSE24 High Definition Encoder with Closed Captioning

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The Drake model DSE24 is a High Definition or Standard Definition MPEG2 video and audio encoder combined with a QAM modulator and RF up-converter. The DSE24 is particularly well suited for digital signage applications, allowing transmission to the monitor via regular coaxial cable infrastructure. Multiple DSE24s can provide multiple programs that can be distributed on the same coax. The DSE24 is housed in a convenient table top package. Using the optional 19” rack mounting panel, one or two DSE24s can be rack mounted in just 1RU of height. The DSE24 accepts analog high definition or standard definition video input via component, VGA, or composite inputs. Digital video can also be input via a HDMI (without HDCP) input. Audio can be input via imbedded HDMI audio, S/PDIF optical digital input, or analog left and right RCA jacks.

Video is encoded using MPEG2 encoding. Audio is encoded using MPEG1, Layer 2 encoding. The QAM RF output can be either 64QAM or 256QAM, both annex B mode. The built-in upconverter RF output is agile and can output on any 6 MHz broadcast or CATV channel between 54 and 1000 MHz and additionally on T channels T7 through T14 (channel center frequencies 8.75 through 50.75 MHz respectively).


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