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Extreme Broadband BDC1112V Vertical 12dB Directional Coupler
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Extreme Broadband BDC1112V Vertical 12dB Directional Coupler
Extreme Broadband BDC1112V Vertical 12dB Directional Coupler

Extreme Broadband BDC1112V Vertical 12dB Directional Coupler

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Directional Couplers

Zinc die-cast housing and fully soldered back ensure the best electrical performance in a variety of housings, outputs, and tap values. Precisely engineered electrical components and materials guarantee peak performance in every condition, location, and environment.

True Flex

Mount the splitter in the best configuration regardless of the situation. Mount horizontally, vertically, or simply snap the splitter into the Infinity Premise Enclosure eliminating the need for screws and hardware. True Flex housing is the most versatile housing ever built. Enjoy.

Wall Plate Friendly Design

Compact vertical housing fits neatly together with wall plates reducing product, cable, and connector damage.

Circumference Premium Contact™

The F-port center conductor seizure mechanism is a 4-sided coaxial structure that provides 8-coaxial contact areas precisely formed in a progressive die. Make Contact.

Sealed F-Ports

Indoor, outdoor, wet, or dry, pressured tested to 15 psi, Extreme Broadband's sealed F-ports eliminate the chance of water ingress.

SMD Technology

Extreme Broadband's state-of-the-art design enhances electrical and mechanical performance. Enjoy a consistent performance from unit to unit. Consistency is key.

Extended Product Life

Zinc Alloy Die Cast Housing and Back Cover eliminates galvanic corrosion caused by dissimilar metals. A proprietary plating is also applied to provide additional protection agents. Protect what's inside.


The tooling is highly polished to render a smooth finish. It is also designed to eliminate parting lines along with the ports for an optimum weather seal. Sandblasting of the casting is not allowed since it increases the surface area substantially. A smooth finish resists the micro-pooling of environmental agents that can attack the surface.



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