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FODA-860 Outdoor Fiber Optic Receiver & Distribution Amplifier

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The FODA Series are outdoor optical nodes designed for HFC applications. They consist of a high quality optical receiver module combined with a power doubling hybride amplifier stage resulting in excellent CNR and CTB performance over a wide optical input range. Designed with cast-aluminum housings, the FODA is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor back board installations. 


Features / Benefits

  • Exceptional CNT performance
  • Optical input test jack - scaled DC output (1V/mW)
  • 860 MHZ forward bandwidth
  • 2-way models available with 36/49 or 42/54 MHZ splits
  • Numerous return laser options (FP,DFB,1310nm, 1550nm)
  • 60/90 VAC Powering (60VAC PS included in all models except stock number 7586)
  • Built in 20 dB in/out RF test ports
  • Cast aluminum housing for outdoor or indoor mounting
  • Forward path interstage variables gain and slope controls