GI/Motorola Dual Upconverter  C6UP Fully Functional W/ 6 Month Warranty!!! - Confluent Technology Group
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GI/Motorola Dual Upconverter  C6UP Fully Functional W/ 6 Month Warranty!!! - Confluent Technology Group

GI/Motorola Dual Upconverter C6UP Fully Functional W/ 6 Month Warranty!!!

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The Commander 6® Phaselock Upconvertor (C6UP), consists of dual independent upconverters which are frequency agile from 50 MHz to 1GHz in a single rack unit (1RU) package, using the latest technology in switching power supplies to minimize heat and increase power efficiency. The C6UP provides control of most parameters from the large eight-digit alpha-numeric LED display on its front panel. All parameters are micropocessor controlled for precision, accuracy, stability and reliability. In addition to the standard rear panel connections, a 0 dBmV IF test port and a -20 dB RF test port are available on the front panel for easy testing access. In an analog system, the C6UP supports addressable channels. An encoded composite IF signal is recieved from a scrambler, such as a Motorola MVP-II, and upconverted to the proper RF channel for transmission. In a digital system, the C6UP can accept any digital IF signal that is in the normal analog television IF frequency range. Using a Motorola Integrated Receiver Transcoder (IRT 1000), a 64 QAM signal may be input to the C6UP for upconversion to the desired downstream frequency. The C6UP is also capable of accepting a 256 QAM digital signal.

Each channel upconverter in the C6UP incorporates three switchable IF inputs for redundancy, emergency alert or programming purposes, facilitating operational flexibility. These IF sources may be switched manually or automatically. There are two different modes of operation for the C6UP. The first operation is as two indendent upconverters, each with its own source and corresponding RF output. The C6UP can also be operated in Backup mode, where the same source is fed to both converters but only one is active. If the C6UP detects a loss of RF output or phaselock problem on the active converter, it will automatically be disabled and the other will be activated


BENEFITS INCLUDE: • 1 GHz Frequency Aglile Tuning • Frequency selection in 12.5 kHz steps or by HRC, IRC, EIA or Motorola (STD) channel maps • User Friendly Front Panel Interface • Network Management Capable • Dual independent upconverters in 1RU • Internal sensors for IF and RF signals • Automatic IF source switching • DC Power Capable


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