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HTR-2000D-2 Harmonic Lightwaves Headend Transceiver Shelf


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Product Description

 Harmonic’s HTR 2000D/E/F transceiver platform is part of a complete series of headend return path equipment required for a two-way, interactive broadband communication system. This equipment allows operators to greatly expand the quantity and quality of services they provide. Using Harmonic’s 2000 series platforms and receivers with Harmonic’s 3000 series return path transmitters, operators can provide a variety of interactive services, such as payper- view, video-on-demand, and other entertainment and data services. This equipment also allows for the implementation of the Harmonic NETWatch™ Element

Management System for complete system monitoring and control. This modular system can be easily upgraded to meet an operator’s changing needs. The HTR 2000D/E/F platform provides flexibility for a variety of applications, such as data and video return path signal reception and remote headend management. The HTR 2000D/E/F transceiver platform accommodates a PS 2xxx power supply, and has 10 slots for Harmonic’s return path equipment. The HTR 2000 platform is a family of products. The difference between the HTR 2000D, E and F version involves only the capability for status monitoing. The HTR 2000D has an intermodule communications bus which is shared between the older fixed-frequency status monitoring protocol and the newer frequency agile protocal. These two buses are separated in the HTR 2000E. The buses are extended to the power supply in the HTR 2000F. The PS 2200F and PS 2248F can be monitored from a HTR 2000F platform.




By installing return path equipment in a network, system

operators can take advantage of expanded network services

and increased system reliability:


  • Allows operators to provide a complete, two-way, interactive system for delivery of pay-per-view, video-on-demand, telephony and other personal communication services.
  • Modular platform provides infrastructure for easy, costeffective growth to accommodate current and future modules, providing added capabilities.
  • –48 V powering option (PS 2x48) for added system flexibility.
  • High-density packaging reduces headend space requirements by accommodating up to ten return path receiver modules in three rack units of height and allowing units to be stacked without air space.
  • Power bus architecture allows +24 VDC back-up powering for uninterrupted operation.
  • RS-485 connections provide the ability to integrate the NETWatch Element Management System for network monitoring and control.
  • Simple "plug-and-play” operation reduces time and cost of installation.




  • Internet access
  • Telephony
  • Video-on-demand
  • Network management
  • Pay-per-view
  • Data services
  • Local origination
  • I-net