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MacLean Power Systems J0870 8-WAY EXPANDING ANCHOR


  • $ 4200

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  • Expanding (bust) anchors are made for installation in holes augered by power drillers.  One piece formed anchor with wings and a base.  A retainer on the bottom holds the nut from the forged eye rod  (sold separately)


  • A hole to the size listed on the table for the anchor is augered in line with the guy and to a depth based on the rod length.  The rod is secured to the anchor and lowered into the hole.  An expanding-and-tamping tool is used to strike the top of the anchor and open the blades into undisturbed soil.  The hole is filled and tamped.
  • See the Expanding Anchor Application Data to select the appropriate anchor
  • See the Anchor Rod to select the appropriate rod.


  • Coated with a rust inhibitor (less rods)

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