Maclean R5099 3/16" Strand Vise – Confluent Technology Group
MACLEAN R5099 3/16
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MACLEAN R5099 3/16
MACLEAN R5099 3/16

Maclean R5099 3/16" Strand Vise

$ 8.99

Primary Strand Application = 3/16"
Wire Range = .185-.193



  • Rated to hold a minimum of 90% of RBS of the strand used


  • For deadend applications with overhead or down guy wire.
  • "Universal Grade" are recommended for use with Alumoweld, Aluminized, and EHS Galvanized Steel.
  • "All Grades" are recommended for use on Common Grade, Siemens-Martin, High Strength Utility Grade, Galvanized and Aluminized steel strand.


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