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Magnavox / Arris 4 Port 26DB Tap 9000 Series


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• 1 GHz bandwidth capacity • Brass SCTE F‐ports with drip lips and rubber boots provide water resistance • Environmental coating on the housing provides excellent corrosion resistance • Strip gauges and heat‐shrink ridges and 90° rotating seizure mechanism for easy installation • 2.5 kV surge resistance, which meets ANS/IEEE C62.41‐1991, Class B, 2500 V surge • Network power capacity of 90 VDC and VAC up to 60 Hz • Improved power passing circuitry handles 12 A continuous current • Improved low‐frequency performance (5 MHz) increases return bandwidth • Increased hard‐line port lengths improve heat shrink/weather seal • Continuous RF signal and AC power bypass circuit eliminates service interruptions when faceplates are removed • A 90° rotating seizure mechanism makes installation easy • 9000‐L‐PBT faceplates are interchangeable between other 9000‐L‐PBT housings ARRIS Taps 9000‐L Power Bypass Tap 1 GHz Multi‐Tap

The ARRIS 9000‐L Power Bypass Tap (PBT) series 1 GHz multi‐tap device taps off part of the input RF signal, dividing it into multiple outputs and allowing remaining signal to pass through. A multi‐tap combines a directional coupler and splitter to produce a specific value or signal loss from the multi‐tap’s input to its tap ports and are available in 2‐way, 4‐way, and 8‐way models that offer 2‐, 4‐, and 8‐tap ports, respectively. The compact design fits easily into a 6‐inch pedestal.