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Midtronics CTM300 - Micro Celltron test kit includes CTM-100 battery analyzer used


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Kit includes:

  • CTM-100 Digital Cell / Battery Analyzer
  • Probe lead set
  • Alligator Clip lead set
  • Thermal Printer with IR receiver
  • Thermotrace Infrared Thermometer
  • Spare probe tips
  • Operation Manual
  • Suitcase style carry case

Has not been tested. Being sold as is.


The MICRO CELLTRON is a microprocessor based test instrument that measures the conductance (Ohmic) value of lead-acid batteries and reports the results in Siemens (G).

The Micro Celltron will measure the conductance of single cell (2 Volt) through six cell (12 Volt) batteries, either on-line or off-line. Test results are displayed as a direct reading in Mhos (Siemens) and as a percent (%) of a reference conductance value. The Micro Celltron provides quick, accurate, safe, repeatable and easy to understand test results. As many as 252 consecutive test results can be stored internally. The results can be printed via an lnfrared Printer (Part #A050) for hard copy documentation.

Every Midtronics Conductance meter uses the same general electrical test described as an Ohmic or conductance test. This test technique can be used to identify the general condition of any battery within a group of batteries, or to compare a group of batteries to a known conductance reference value. Conductance testing is intended to provide a simple, quick, safe and accurate way to help identify which batteries are serviceable, which ones may be failing, or to find any battery that may have reached the end of its useful life. For a given battery type, high conductance indicates more reserve capacity or a higher state of relative health Midtronics' conductance testers use a value called Mhos or Siemens to describe the Ohmic Signature we observe in stationary or standby batteries.

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