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These are refurbished units and may have scratches on them.


Features :

 New circuitry for improved picture quality • Approved for small cable systems • Compatible with all headends • High isolation trunk switch built-in • Audio automatic gain control 
 Monroe’s R180/AV Series Audio/Video Comb Filter Generators have been approved for small cable systems -- plus digital. New advanced technologies with joint development by Idea/onics, the master of CATV Comb Generators, and Monroe Electronics, the master of CATV Solutions. New “Lykinsor” circuitry makes the inherent beats nearly invisible. Adapted for digital cable programming with the guard band (72MHz - 76MHz) baseline noise level greater than 40dBmV down. No additional filtering required. Smaller size minimizes the required rack space. Meets all FCC aeronautical band offset requirements. 
 Economical, high quality, audio/video comb generators for full screen replacement EAS systems. Available in 50/71/78 channel configurations.
Specifications :
Audio/Video: R180/AV50 on all channels 2 through 50 (380 MHz) 
R180/AV70 on all channels 2 through 71 (500 MHz) 
R180/AV70/OB/78 on all channels 2 through 78 (550 MHz) Includes mid-band channels: #99 (A-1) #98 (A-2) #97 (A-3), #96 (A-4), #95 (A-5). Adjustable RF output control: up to 40 dBmV Trunk switch isolation: 70 dBmV min FCC offset: ± 3KHz in the aeronautical band Channel Flatness: 3 dBmV Power Requirements: 90 - 240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz Physical Size: 19.0”W x 3.5”H x 13.5” D 13 lbs.