MOTOROLA / ARRIS 4 Port 23/26P Tap Model  FFT4-23/26P - Confluent Technology Group
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MOTOROLA / ARRIS 4 Port 23/26P Tap Model  FFT4-23/26P - Confluent Technology Group
MOTOROLA / ARRIS 4 Port 23/26P Tap Model  FFT4-23/26P - Confluent Technology Group

MOTOROLA / ARRIS 4 Port 23/26P Tap Model FFT4-23/26P

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The FFT*-*P series taps maintain ARRIS' commitment to provide the latest technology while maintaining backward compatibility and allowing future upgradability. The FFT*- *P series taps have been designed t offer improved return path performance for today's advanced two-way HFC systems. These taps are capable of accepting a variety of plugin, field configurable modules that allow greater flexibility in system design. These modules include cable equalizers, return path attenuators, and cable simulators for achieving the desired return path system performance. For any of the plug-in module options available, the feederline signal remains unaffected due to the location of the plug-in within the circuitry (refer to the block diagram below). Only the drop signals are affected by the plug-in. The drop signals are all affected in the same manner by the selected plug-in module. These taps are shipped with a standard jumper (T-JP) installed which allows the FFT*-*P tap to achieve the same performance as ARRIS' standard FFT*- *N series of taps. All mechanical specifications of the standard FFT*-*N taps are also maintained with the FFT*-*P series tap.
MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS Hostile weather conditions are addressed by surface chromate conversion over a die-cast housing and faceplate made of 360-aluminum alloy. A weather seal gasket of molded neoprene prevents moisture and dust from entering the unit and a separate RF gasket ensures FCC interference specification compliance. An umbrella type cover design shields internal components by preventing the buildup of rainwater. Unique, waterproof self-sealing “F” ports prevent breathing through the ports, even if the house drop is disconnected. All threads of the four captive stainless steel bolts are coated with water-repellent, anti-seizure lubricant to prevent the bolts from seizing to the base plate. In addition, the nickelplated brass SCTE approved ports offer increased strength and protection against corrosion in severe environmental conditions. The port lengths are one-half inch to accommodate locking terminators.


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