Motorola SB5120 Modem (Docsis 2.0) - Confluent Technology Group
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Motorola SB5120 Modem (Docsis 2.0) - Confluent Technology Group

Motorola SB5120 Modem (Docsis 2.0)

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About this product
Sluggish, slow downloads are every computer user’s nemesis, so increase cable download speed with the Motorola SURFboard SB5120 cable modem. Featuring 38.91 Mbps, this system works three times as fast as other DOCSIS 1.1/1.1 devices. An external cable modem that works with Mac, PC, or UNIX operating systems, the SURFboard is backwards compatible which makes it even more versatile. Disconnect PCs using the convenient standby button without losing the cable network connection, and find simple solutions to problems using diagnostics for convenient troubleshooting. Adaptable to multiple network devices, the SURFboard cable modem provides user-friendly setup and a powerful connection. This makes upstream downloads fast, leaving users more time to enjoy the Internet instead of waiting for downloads to appear.
Product Identifiers
Brand         Motorola
MPN          505788-006-00
Model        SURFboard SB5120
UPC          612572124628

Key Features 
Type    Cable Modem Enclosure
External Transmission Line Analog
Cable Data Transfer Rate   38.91 Mbps 

Hardware Interface RJ-45,USB
Platform   Mac,PC,Unix
Upstream Transfer Rate 30 Mbps
Supported Protocols  Cable Modem DOCSIS 1.0,DOCSIS 1.1,DOCSIS 2.0
Dimensions  Width 2.3in.  Depth 6in.  Height 6.2in.



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