Motorola SE-2000 digital video encoder (No Analog Audio)


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The Motorola SE-2000 digital video encoder provides Motorola’s sixth generation video compression technology in a compact chassis that is ideally suited for the cable headend, small broadcast and high bandwidth contribution applications. The SE-2000 digital encoder accepts either analog composite or digital CCIR-601 video and performs MPEG-2 compression utilizing Motorola’s new PurePixel™ processing algorithms, providing very high video quality at low bit rates. Video compression uses I-frame refresh to facilitate seamless MPEG-2 stream splicing. The video compression data rate is controlled by a simple front panel interface or through the Ethernet port via SNMP. Two stereo audio channels are compressed with either Dolby® brand AC-3® or MPEG layer II encoding. The Motorola SE-2000 provides three types of outputs, DVB-ASI, digital headend expansion interface (DHEI) and DS-3, for easy interoperability with cable headends and broadcast equipment.

The Motorola SE-2000 is MPEG-2 and DVB compliant.