New Cable TV Push Button A/B Switch (Cable, Dish,Satellite, Video Games)


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AB "Push Button" - Switch between antenna, Cable, dish or video games.

This Switch is designed to Switch between Cable TV, satellite, and other home video products with coax Cable and RF connections

High 90dB isolation which eliminates cross-talk between connected devices

All ports 75ohm and F Type connections

Exceeds FCC specifications

This push-button A/B switch provides an easy choice between two video signal sources, such as cable TV, antenna, Dish, or Video Games. Featuring quality heavy duty construction, for an easy switch between two video sources, try the push-button A/B switch. 

Key features

  • Works great for switching between two TV antennas in one setup to isolate the signal for best reception
  • 75 Ohm input/75Ohm output
  • Heavy duty die-cast inner housing
  • Bandwidth: 5-900 MHz
  • 90 dB high isolation