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NEW Harris TS1000 TS 1000 ADSL Test Set


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Harris, the industry leader in POTS and ISDN testing technology, now offers the TS1000 handheld unit for ADSL testing, verification and troubleshooting. The TS1000 gives the line test technician a greater range of analysis capability for field installations, and is ideal for the Information Technology (IT) manager for reducing on-site repair expenses. The TS1000 gives you the ability to easily synchronize with the service provider’s ADSL DSLAM before or after the splitter, lets you isolate the failure cause between the customer’s on-site equipment and the service provider, and allows you to validate service activation and compare the actual throughput against the subscribed rate. And for continuing bandwidth expansion, the TS1000 lets you measure for maximum line capacity. Advanced features allow you to monitor the noise margin, power level and attenuation simply by scrolling up or down the navigation buttons. Designed to withstand unfavorable field conditions, the TS1000 features a backlit LCD display for low light conditions and is housed in a durable splash-proof casing. Lightweight and portable, the TS1000 test set combines ease-of-use with advanced ADSL testing technology.
Unit is new unopened in original packaging. Packaging came with one box of AA batteries but due to storage and age of unit the batters that were included had become damaged and had to be disposed of. Unit's packaging was not opened to see if batteries were installed in the battery compartment by manufacturer. 

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