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New in Box General Instruments BT75S Broadband Telecommunications Amplifier

General Instruments

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The Motorola STARLINE® series of Broadband Telecommunications Amplifiers, model BT*/*, accept a single input and provide high operational gain to two, three or four power-doubled bridger outputs in a three-stage hybrid design. The high operational gain of the BT*/* enables you to strategically place the amplifier in the system topology for effective signal distribution. The advanced feature set enables you to easily upgrade tree-and-branch architectures to fiber-to-the-feeder designs. Optional Enhanced Gallium Arsenide (E-GaAs) hybrids offer linear-distortion performance at higher output levels. They also reduce operating costs compared to conventional, bipolar silicon hybrids and competing technology. The BT*/* series of amplifiers comply with Telcordia GR-1098-CORE voltage surge requirements using surge waveforms as described in IEEE C62.41. The latest BT*/* platform is also FCC and CE approved. Features of the BT*/* include: ! 750 MHz or 870 MHz power doubling technology in enhanced gallium arsenide (E-GaAs) or silicon ! High gain # High output levels # Superior distortion performance ! “Ease-of-use” ergonomics # Five diplex filter options # 16 dB return loss (forward path) ! 60/90 Vac line power option ! Power-factor-corrected power supply ! Thermal or auto-controlled Bode equalization ! -20 dB directional coupler test points ! Optional return path ingress control and LIFELINE™ status monitor ! Two-way operation capability ! 15 ampere ac bypass capability