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New Regal RLDC10-12-15A Directional Line Coupler 5-1000Mhz 1Ghz


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1GHz Directional Line Couplers with 15 Amp current capacity. Higher current rating is essential for central powering application and new telephony services. Aerial or pedestal installation with 5/8 inch port entry extensions. Standard fuse holders provided for bus bar or fuses. Cast-in strip gauge facilitates proper center conductor trim length. Conical center conductor to guide feeder line installation. Glass epoxy printed circuit board with premium components for superior RF performance. Plated 360 aluminum housing with double polyurethane coating resists corrosion. Interlocking tongue-and-groove housing prohibits ingress/egress providing excellent EMI isolation. Water tight, sealed housing eliminates water damage. Stainless steel hardware.

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