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Niled CTT3-150-15 Self Fusing / Amalgamating ERP Tape

Niled CTT3-150-15 Self Fusing / Amalgamating ERP Tape


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Niled CTT3-150-15 Self Fusing/Amalgamating ERP Tape 





1.5 in x 15 ft x .030 in thick


- this stuff is amazing

- seal electrical connections with confidence without using heat shrink


Ease of Use

  • Easy and fast to install
  • Activated solely by stretching
  • No torches, heat gun or tools needed
  • Fills small voids uniformly 100% every time
  • Narrow and flexible enough to be used in confined areas
    · No residue left after removal


Product Performance

  • Specifically developed for moisture proofing and corrosion prevention
  • Superior low temperature flexibility
  • Extensive U.V. and ozone protection
  • Environmental temperature rated -40°C to +100°C
  • Contours closely to irregular shapes
  • Fuses within minutes to form a solid piece of rubber
  • Will remove cleanly and easily


After cleaning the surface of the cable and connector, separate backing from tape and stretch the tape to reduce its width by between one third and one half. Starting approximately 2" from the connector, keep the tape under tension and wrap, overlapping successive layers by 50% until the desired build-up of insulation is achieved. Tape must be stretched during application to activate self-fusing properties. Finish the wrapping, after 2" coverage of cable on opposite side of connector, by stretching tape onto itself for one full wrap. Hold the tape under thumb and snap by stretching. The high degree of stretch as described above will prevent voids and ensure rapid fusion.
Material Properties Value Test Method
Thickness .030" (.020" available)
Tensile Strength 300 PSI ASTM D 412
Elongation 800% ASTM D 412
Fusion and Tackiness Passes ASTM D 1373
Water Absorption 0.05% ASTM D 570
Operating Temperature Continuous - 40°>C to +100°>C ASTM D 4388
Emergency Overload 130°>C ASTM D 4388
Ozone Resistance Pass ASTM D 1373
Corrosion None ASTM D 4325

The above data represents only an average test and is not to be used for specification purposes.

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