Optical Passives (ISP) DP35M20 channel ISP DWDM Muxes

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ARRIS DP35M‐Series DWDM optical mux cassettes are intended for applications in controlled indoor environments. They are
typically mated with compatible field‐based DP95D‐Series OSP DWDM demultiplexer modules.
The DP35M‐Series is designed to multiplex 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, and 40 DWDM wavelengths with 100 GHz frequency spacing on the
DWDM ITU Grid (ITU‐T G.694.1). Units also have an EXP express port (for insertion of other wavelengths outside the C‐band), a UPG
upgrade port (for daisy‐chain cascading of other DWDM wavelengths), and separate ‐20 dB TP line monitoring taps (for Tx and Rx
signal paths).1
These ISP headend modules are compatible with industry‐standard LGX chassis.

•  20, channel optical multiplexer modules
• ISP Mux companions to ARRIS DP95D‐Series OSP DWDM
demux cassettes
• LGX chassis‐compatible for ISP inside plant controlled
indoor environments
• 100 GHz DWDM ITU channel spacing (ITU‐T G694.1)
• EXP express port1
• UPG upgrade port1
• Separate ‐20 dB TP test ports for Tx and Rx signal paths
• LC/APC or LC/UPC connectors options