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PLP Champ1 4 Ch. Mx/Dm 1470-1530nm, Exp Spl Tr; Part #C2-BF01E-CF01E-P1001

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Champion One Compact Mux/Demux 4 Channel CWDM(Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer) Low Loss 1470nm-1530nm with Exp. Port Splice Tray; 2meter Pigtail, no connectors; 

Product Overview:
Champion ONE offers CWDM passive filter modules in either a field-deployable standalone module or tray-mounted for splice enclosures. These filter modules support the same performance specifications of our inside plant offerings, which simplifies the design considerations of our customers. In addition, Champion ONE can source from any vendor, which allows us to support customers with mixed outside fiber plant vendors. Our optional configurations enable Champion ONE to easily meet the engineering requirements needed for custom projects.

Our service approach sets us apart from others in the industry. Champion ONE will mount our filters in the style and model of splice tray you specify, and provide you with an exact match, performance-wise, to the equivalent inside-plant filter module. All Champion ONE CWDM filters provide very low insertion loss. Features of our outside -plant CWDM modules include:
*mux/demuxes, muxes, demuxes and OADMs 
• modules are available in 1, 2, 4, 8, and 10 channel configurations- This is a 4 channel mux/demux filter 
• modules are available in single-fiber or dual fiber configurations 
• Passband filters, monitor (tap) ports, and express/upgrade ports are optional features. 
• Available with pigtail lengths specified by the customer, or with a variety of connector types (LC, SC, FC, etc.) as well as UPC or APC connectors if required 
• The OADM modules are available in both unidirectional and east-west configurations to support ring topologies.

*Note-  This is a new item.  Please take a look at the pictures of the item to make sure it is something you want to purchase.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for more information.  Thank you for your business!

Part #C2-BF01E-CF01E-P1001

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