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PPC In-Line Forward Path Pad Attenuator 9dB; Part #FPA9-54(25pk)

Confluent Technology Group

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In-Line 9dB Forward Path Pad Attenuator 25pack; Silver in color;

PPC’s forward path attenuators provide a fixed level of attenuation within the downstream frequencies without affecting upstream frequencies. Typical applications include attenuation of over amplified signals generated by drop amplifiers at the first input.


• Small physical size minimizes risk of port damage

• 7/16” hex body allows for standard tool installation

• 100% Surface Mount Technology for consistent performance • Precision four-point female seizure contact

• Moisture-sealed connector interfaces

• SCTE compliant connector interfaces

Specifications Impedance 75 Ohms Shielding Effectiveness > 120 dB Dimensions Length = 1.92 in (4.88 cm) Diameter = 0.5 in (1.27 cm) Surge 6 kV per SCTE IPS-TP-210

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Part #FPA9-54(25pk)

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