ProLabs 20m Fiber Optic MPO-MPO 0M3 Multiple Strand Cable; CAB-M3-MPO/Q-8B-20M

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20m Fiber Optic  MPO(Female)- MPO (Female) OM3 50/125mM Multiple Strand Cable

This is a 20 meter MPO (female) to MPO (female) 12-strand aqua crossover riser-rated fiber patch cable. An OM4 cable has a core size of 50m microns that supports 10 Gigabit Ethernet at lengths measuring up to 550 meters, and 100 Gigabit Ethernet measuring up to 150 meters and is reverse compatible with OM3. This optical fiber, nonconductive, riser (OFNR) cable is best suited for use in interior fiber-optic applications.

OFNR- Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser-  As designated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), this name is used for interior fiber-optic cables which contain no electrically conductive components, and which are certified for use in riser applications; they are engineered to prevent the spread of fire from floor to floor in a building. Typically they are tested for compliance with ANSI/UL 1666-1997, Standard Test for Flame Propagation Height of Electrical and Optical-Fiber Cable Installed Vertically in Shafts. NFPA NEC 2005 Art 770.51(B) FPN.

MPO(Multiple Fiber Push-On)- is a connector for ribbon cables with four to twenty-four fibers. Connectors for singlemode fiber have angled ends to minimize back-reflection, while multimode fiber versions typically have flat ends.

OM3- Stands for Optical Multimode.  OM1 and OM2 fibers are generally used in systems for 10MB/s to 1GB/s Ethernet. OM3 and OM4 LOMMF are designed for Ethernet of 10GB/s where OM3 can support this bandwidth up to 300 meters and OM4 up to 550 meters. OM3 is backwards compatible to OM2 and OM4 is backwards compatible to OM3 and OM2. 

Technical Specification
Application Patch
Cable Mode Multiple
Color Aqua
Compatible OEM Industry Standard
Connector MPO (Female) to MPO (Female)
Core/Cladding 50/125m
Fiber Termination PC - Physical Contact
Jacket Type Riser
Length (ft) 65.6
Length (m) 20
Fiber Type LOMM
Standard OM4
Strand Count 12
Termination Type Crossover

Part #CAB-M3-MPO/Q8B-20M