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Pulsecom AUA38 5238-1A Pack CircuitT


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This is a Pulsecom AUA38 channel unit replacement for and is functionally equivalent to AT&T Technologies' Series 5 Carrier System Central Office Terminal. It is the COT half of the AUA38/AUA58 channel unit pair. The unit is intended for 2-wire single-party POTS applications and is compatible with Series 5 Feature Packages A, C, C2 and D. It furnishes a current-sink interface to the central office (CO). This plug-in module provides two channels of service and will always be located at the COT. This item when inserted will provide a loss not exceeding 5 dB in each direction. The channel unit provides a voice-frequency interface with a structural impedance of 900 ohms in series. The face plate jack provides convenient test access to the tip and ring of both the odd and even channels.

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