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SA / Cisco 4 port 26DB Multimedia Surge Gap Tap Model 753385


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The Scientific-Atlanta® Surge-Gap™ Tap product line offers IEEE compliant 6kV Surge Protection for the device, surpassing the industry standard 1kV of protection, and offering significantly improved protection against voltage transients in lightning strike areas and locations with unreliable power networks. The Surge-Gap Tap products are the latest solution for improving the reliability of cable service and expanding the entertainment and information experiences our cable customers can deliver to their subscribers. As more and more new services are rolled out, the ability of these services to generate new revenue is directly related to their availability. This new tap will help keep cable service intact, and boost the cable operator’s potential for added revenue. In addition, the new tap products offer the same make-before-break capabilities of previous S-A tap products, which enables cable technicians to pull the tap’s faceplate and perform maintenance without interrupting service to subscribers located downstream. The new Surge-Gap Tap also can pass up to 12 amps of current, which enables operators to access power at locations within the cable system where additional power is needed for services (e.g., telephony). The Surge-Gap Tap is the latest addition to the Surge-Gap product line aimed at greatly improving surge protection capabilities. Surge-Gap Taps are available in all configurations offered in our Multimedia product family: Standard 2-, 4-, and 8 way products, and Full-Profile Design products. Finally, these Surge-Gap Tap products are also compatible with our Power Distribution Unit (PDU), allowing our customers to quickly and easily upgrade their networks for telephony deployment wherever revenue generating opportunities arise. Features • Increased Surge Tolerance - Rugged design enables the new products to continue to operate after surges that would typically damage ordinary products and interrupt service • Improved Return Loss - improved return loss performance to lessen reflected signals for a “cleaner” signal • AL360T housing with powder coating for superior environmental protection • Sealed and swaged extended F-ports for maximum resistance to moisture ingress • Nickel plated brass F-ports to ensure a corrosion-resistant drop interface • Component covers for additional protection of faceplate circuitry during maintenance • Versatile housing design permits aerial, pedestal, or MDU mounting schemes