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SA/Cisco Model 6453-FF 46 - 750 MHz Feedforward Headend Driver Amplifier (HEDA)


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DESCRIPTION The Model 6453-FF Headend Driver Amplifier is an indoor product designed for use in the headend or hub. It is housed in a compact (3.25 in. x 4.0 in. x 6.5 in.) module that can be attached to a pre-drilled P-3 panel for mounting in a standard headend rack. An optional pre-drilled panel is available that allows access to test points from the front of the headend rack. The feedforward gain block provides exceptional distortion performance at operational output levels. The 46-750 MHz pass band retains network flexibility for the future. The 6453-FF can be powered with most standard AC voltages and can be configured to utilize 24 V DC powering (jumper selected)

FEATURES • Compact size saves precious headend space • Rack mountable (optional P-3 panel kit) • 46-750 MHz pass band • 21.0 dB minimum gain • Output directional coupler RF test point (-20 dB) • Plug-in pad and equalizer • Power switch with integrated fuse • Two models with various power requirements provide maximum flexibility • 115 V AC • 230 V AC • 24 V DC, 725 mA (optional powering for all models