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Scientific Atlanta/Cisco 6940 4 Output 870MHz 1310nm Fiber Optic Node


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Includes everything shown. These units are tested and come with our 6 month warranty.


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The Model 6940 Node is a high performance, four output optoelectronic node. The Model 6940 Node can be configured with a variety of forward optical receivers and reverse optical transmitters, providing flexibility for use in multiple applications.


Redundant optical receiver and transmitter capability allows optical path redundancy, enabling increased network reliability. Additionally, the Model 6940 Node is capable of reverse port segmentation using the Prisma bdr system. The bdr system utilizes Scientific-Atlantas unique baseband digital reverse technology and allows increased performance, reach, and bandwidth efficiency for the critical reverse network.


The Model 6940 Nodes housing incorporates many features that enhance ease of use and reliability, such as a separate AC powering port, optional redundant power supply, and extended ports to allow for easy heat shrink weather protection.


The Model 6940 Node can also be configured with a Scientific-Atlanta status monitoring transponder. The transponder, in conjunction with the ROSA/ TNCS or other compatible element management system, enables remote monitoring of critical node related parameters, and remote control of each optional reverse path switch for ingress troubleshooting.




1 GHz RF platform

15 amperes continuous power passing

Four high level forward RF outputs

Screwless seizures for ease of connector installation

40-90 V AC high-efficiency switch mode power supply

Optional power supply redundancy

Local test points and LED indicators on optical receivers and transmitters simplify installation and maintenance

Optional status monitoring and control (status monitoring transponder and TNCS or other compatible element management system required)

Plug-in pads provide individual level control for each port for forward and reverse paths

Optional 3-state reverse switch (on/off/-6 dB) allows each reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting (status monitoring transponder and ROSA / TNCS required)

Fiber management tray provides convenient fiber and connector storage for up to 6 connector pairs

1310 nm analog reverse transmitters with either Fabry-Perot or DFB lasers

Supports Baseband Digital Reverse technology, allowing reverse path segmentation

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