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Scientific Atlanta/Cisco Prisma HDRx Chassis 731508

Scientific Atlanta

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Prisma® HDRx Reverse Optical Receiver Platform Chassis
Tested working, is missing a fuse cap and front plexiglass panel (see pics), does not have modular power supply.
The Prisma® HDRx Reverse Optical Receiver Platform meets the challenges of today’s large-scale return path deployments. The high-density, low-cost platform features 42 modular optical receivers housed in a 4U-high chassis. Compatible with 1310 nm and 1550 nm wavelengths, the HDRx Platform is a flexible solution for 5 to 65 MHz return path applications. Its fiber-friendly design makes it well suited for deployment directly into fiber management frames. 
Features • 42 receivers in a 4U-high chassis • Front panel optical connectors provide easy installation and maintenance • Blind-mate RF connections allow easy module exchange from the front of the rack • RF level set with front-panel plug-in pads for high reliability • RF test point located on the front of each receiver module • Optical status LEDs and test points located on the front panel of the network control module • Primary and secondary receivers can be set up for optical path redundancy • Universal AC (90-265 V AC) and DC (-48 V DC) power options • Designed to be used in fully-redundant configurations • Uninterruptible load transfer in the event of primary power supply failure • Hot swappable power supply units for quick and easy installation and replacement • Element management & monitoring 

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