Scientific Atlanta PowerVu D9852 Dual Decrypt Receiver (refurbished) (warranty)

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The PowerVu®
Model D9852 Dual Decrypt Program
Receiver is designed for satellite content distribution
applications requiring simultaneous decryption of two
programs (i.e., the decode channel and the auxiliary
channel) for digital tier program distribution. A built-in decoder (for the decode channel) is capable of decoding a
Standard Definition (SD) program for analog tier distribution. This receiver provides a convenient migration
platform for broadcasters launching High Definition (HD) programming as it supports one SD program decoded
for the analog tier and program pass-through for the digital tier. Simultaneously, a second HD program can be
decrypted and passed through for the digital tier.
The Model D9852 Receiver uses a single User Address (UA), with all received programs authorized based on
one UA. If the D9852 receiver is to be used to decrypt two programs, contact your service provider to verify that
they will authorize a single UA for two separate programs.
Disaster recovery and service replacement are features available in the PowerVu Model D9850 Program
Receiver and Model D9828 Multiple Decryption Receiver, which are not supported in the D9852 Dual Decrypt
Analog Cable Program Distribution
Decoded SD video and balanced audio outputs can be connected to an analog modulator for analog cable
distribution. Four mono audio channels or two stereo pairs are available for primary audio programs and/or
secondary audio programs (SAP). For example, primary program audio can be carried on one of the stereo pairs,
while SAP audio is carried on the other stereo pair. Dual-tone Multi-Frequency (DTMF) cue tone functionality are
available for triggering commercial/program insertion by external equipment.
Digital Cable/Telco Program Distribution
The ASI transport output provides a number of output modes including the capability of carrying up to two
decrypted programs for digital tier distribution. This helps ensure that compressed video programs are efficiently
distributed to households equipped with digital set-top boxes. Digital Program Insertion (DPI) information is also
available along with the video and audio PIDs (Packet Identifiers) for external ad insertion in compressed digital
format. DPI PID with advanced uplink control is available for the decode channel and DPI PID pass-through is
available for the auxiliary channel.
Key Features
• Four L-Band inputs
• PowerVu conditional access with DES or DVB descrambling
• Decryption of two programs for digital transport output
• 4:2:0 standard definition NTSC & PAL (B/G/I/D/M/N) video decoding
• Aspect ratio conversion (4:3, 16:9 and 14:9) with Active Format Descriptor (AFD) control
• MPEG & Dolby®
Digital (AC-3) audio decoding
• Four audio outputs providing either two stereo pairs (four mono channels) of balanced audio each with the
ability to use part of their output for applications such as SAP, cue tones, etc.
• Line 21 closed caption and V-chip support
• Utility data up to 38.4 kbps via RS-232
• DVB MPE IP data up to 50 Mbps via Ethernet
• DVB VBI (WST, WSS, VPS and transparent lines)
• PowerVu VBI - including North American Broadcast Teletext Standard (NABTS) and World System Teletext (WST)  

• DVB or Imitext™ subtitling
• DTMF cue tone for analog ad insertion triggering
• Eight uplink-controlled open collector outputs via cue trigger commands for device control or ad-insertion
• One programmable contact closure for device control, redundancy switching or alarm monitoring
• Fingerprint Trigger
• Field upgradeable software and security
• Front panel LCD for control & monitoring
• 64 user-editable network tuning preset configurations
• SNMP and web browser interface for setup, control and monitoring
Optional Features
• ASI input (up to 68.5 Mbps)
• SDI video output with embedded audio
• AES-3id digital audio output 

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