Scientific Gainmaker High Gain Dual System Amp. 1GHz; Part #1122G21033213000

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Cisco Scientific Atlanta

GainMaker High Gain Dual System Amplifier 1GHz with 42 54 MHz Split;


The GainMaker High Output HGD amplifier provides you with two forward RF outputs (main and auxiliary), with the option to create a third RF output using an optional plug-in auxiliary path signal director. All Cisco GainMaker products share common plug-in accessories and perform to 1 GHz in the forward path. The system amplifiers in this portfolio provide multiple forward RF output ports while the line extenders provide a single forward RF output port.

General Information:

  • Manufacturer: Cisco Systems, Inc 
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1122G21033213000 
  • Product Description: GainMaker High Gain Dual System Amplifier 1GHz with 42 54 MHz Split 
  • Product Type: Signal Amplifier

*  Capable of higher output levels than standard GainMaker amplifiers

●   Common RF test points for forward output and reverse injection simplify reverse balancing

●   Increased forward gain to facilitate drop-in bandwidth extensions without re-spacing

●   High-performance GaAsFET gain stage technology

●   Fixed-value, plug-in accessories are common to all GainMaker products

●   60 and 90 volt AC powering capability

●   15 ampere current capacity (steady state) and 25 ampere surge survivability

●   Optional 3-state reverse switch (on/off/-6 dB) allows each reverse input to be isolated for noise and ingress troubleshooting (status monitoring required)

●   AGC has Thermal backup, which eliminates disruptive RF output variation in the event of pilot loss

●   QAM Pilot AGC now available in addition to existing analog carrier AGCs

●   Improved hum modulation

●   Plug-in, self-contained diplex filters

●   Modular high-efficiency power supply allows simplified maintenance

●   Reverse input pad and RF test point for each reverse input port allow optimum reverse path design and alignment

●   Directional Coupler RF test points provide greater accuracy

●   Surge resistant circuitry helps ensure gain

Part #1122G21033213000


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