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Sencore Atlas Modular Receiver Decoder MRD 3187A


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The Sencore Atlas MRD 3187A Professional Modular Receiver Decoder provides you with full flexibility to change as needed. No longer is there a need to change the entire instrument, now you can keep the same instrument, just change its capabilities to match your requirements.

The MRD3187A is a One Rack Unit 1RU modular MPEG receiver decoder. Its functionality can be changed or configured with modular cards, which slide in from the rear of the unit. There are two rows of slots for the modular cards. There are two different main configurations of the MRD3187A; Configuration 1 has 8 slots for a single receiver decoder and is referred to as a "single 8-slot receiver decoder”.

The second, Configuration 2, makes it possible for the MRD3187A to have two modular receiver decoders in a 1RU chassis. This provides you with 4 slots per receiver decoder, or a "dual 4 slot receiver decoder”

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