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Singlemode Duplex BIF OFNR, 2mm, 2m; Part #LC/APC-LC/UPC SM DX 2meters

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Singlemode Duplex BIF Jumper, 8.33/125um OFNR, 2mm, 2m; sc/apc-sc/upc connectors;

Singlemode Duplex fiber; Singlemode cable features a 9-micron glass core. Duplex cable consists of two fibers, usually in a zipcord (side-by-side) style. Use duplex multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable for applications that require simultaneous, bi-directional data transfer. 

BIF- Bend Insensitive Fiber- ..This is fiber that can be bent around corners or stapled and is good to used as part
of a fiber infrastructure in buildings.  This kind of fiber stands up to more stress than standard fiber.  

OFNR-  Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser-  OFNR refers to the fiber rating of the cable jacketing. OFNR is the designation given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to interior fiber-optic cables which contain no electrically conductive component, and which are certified for use in Riser applications.

LC/APC- LC or Lucent Connectors are about half the size of SC connectors, 1.25mm diameter ferrule.  APC stands for Angled Polished connector, which prevents back-reflections.  It is usually used in analog fiber optic system equipment, such as CATV or Satellite.  These connectors are green in color over jacketed boots.

LC/UPC- LC stands for Lucent Connector and is a miniaturized version of the SC connector, half its. size of 1.25mm ferrule.  The upc is a connector that has been "ultra" polished with no angle.  With UPC connectors, any reflected light is reflected straight back towards the light source.  With the singlemode duplex cord, these connectors are blue, covering white 
jacketed boots.

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Part #LC/APC-LC/UPC SM DX 2meters

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