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TVM550 are designed to be the primary building blocks of an intelligent CATV distribution system. At the heart of these modulators is SCC's PLL-synthesized, dual-conversion up/down converter. The conversion process uses SCC's high-level mixing, which eliminates out-of-band noise floor and spurious emission problems. High-level mixing and superior design allow the TVM550 to meet the NTC-7-recommended specifications for a 550 MHz spectrum, without the use of external bandpass filters. The TVM550 modulators use a unique nonvolatile microprocessor tuning circuit. Available is an optional Composite IF Loop kit that allows the external input of either aural, visual, or a composite IF signal through a special loop. An alternate IF option is also available. Channels are selected with a front panel rotary switch, and the modulators can be set to only a legitimate output frequency. When a modulator is on line and the frequency output is changed, a circuit mutes the RF output until the modulator has locked onto the new output channel frequency. Front panel potentiometers for varying video modulation, audio deviation, and visual/aural carrier ratio have center detents. This type potentiometer allows the user to leave the front panel controls in their center positions while properly adjusting receiver outputs to the modulator's correct input levels. RF output is also controlled by a like potentiometer. The user can adjust the satellite receiver, for 1.0 V p-p video and 0 dBm peak audio/Broadcast Television Standards Committee (BTSC) input levels, without the use of expensive test equipment.  PK

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