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Sunrise Telecom CM1000 Digital Network Analyzer with all options Tested working Fast Shipping!!

Sunrise Telecom

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Sunrise Telecom CM1000


The Sunrise Telecom CM1000 Cable Modem System Analyzeris a sophisticated troubleshooting tool, geared to resolvingtough problems from the CMTS, through the headend,fiber backbone and RF distribution network


Cable Modem Network Analyzer


The CM1000 is an analog and digital SLM with an integrated cable modem that provides comprehensive troubleshooting of modern cable TV and DOCSIS 1.0/1.1 cable modem networks and VoIP services. Emulating a cable modem, it characterizes a network s digital performance in both directions. Use the VoIP+ option to measure network call quality, providing Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), packet loss, latency and jitter. The CM platform offers rugged portability for the field and modularity for future upgrades.

  • Cable modem emulation tests the upstream and downstream path
  • User programmable easy-to-use one-button tests for testing consistency
  • Conventional digital tests: MER, BER, level and constellation on forward path
  • Web Browser option for Internet "surfing" and access to workforce management and other web-based applications
  • Proprietary BkER test characterizes the upstream path without a headend unit
  • VoIP+ option for verifying and testing VoIP telephony network services, BPI+ with manufacturer digital certificates
  • DOCSIS/BPI+ digital certificates
  • Dynamic service flows requiring no provisioning
  • MOS, R-Factor, lost packets, latency, and jitter
  • Advanced diagnostics for IP layer analysis
  • Plug-in modules for future upgrades include a 16-QAM Upstream Signal Generator and TDR option
  • 1, 2, or 5 channel SLM with scan mode provides tilt and peak-to-valley measurements
  • CM1000 supports Annex B and Annex C

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