Suttle SE-650S2-49C Enclosure


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The Dual Provider Switch NID (DPSN).

  • These are Charter branded.
  • Enables competitive MSO digital voice deployments in SFU environments, managing service between two providers with a customer-operable switch.
  • The simple, cost-effective design provides an easy transition after number porting and installation, while eliminating truck rolls for jack re-wiring if a customer churns.
  • A high-quality, weather-resistant enclosure insures a reliable, solid customer experience in a highly competitive service market.
  • The DPSN is designed for an MSO to distribute voice service throughout a home's existing wiring, whether premise wiring is terminated at the premise's distribution device or at the incumbent's network interface device. To wire a premise with the DPSN: Mount the DPSN in the desired area of the premise. Terminate the incumbent service provider's incoming line(s), the EMTA analog port, and the premise wires to the screw terminals in the DPSN. At that point, the desired carrier to the premise is controlled via switches for each line. Mixed service (one line incumbent, one line MSO) is also feasible. Features: Wire it once - no rewiring required if service is turned back to the incumbent. Weather-resistant enclosure prevents corrosion and provides long, reliable lifespan. Versions available for one- or two-line support. Customizable with name and logo - reinforce your brand at the visible point of service.

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