Telecrafter Black Flex Clips Cat 3 G4BK-03 Qty 100


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*Item Name: Telecrafter Flex Clips Qty 100

 *Item Quality: BRAND NEW and In Original Packaging

 *Manufacturer's Catalog: Flex Clips

 *Item Description: Telecrafter Products .145" Cat 3 Black Flex Clips Part# G4BK-03


*Screw In Depth- 5/8"

*Qty: 100

 Exceptional holding power...on any surface...sized for ground wire,

and many telephony cables.

Manufactured from a pliable, yet immensely durable polyethylene, these

Flex Clips for ground wire are long-lasting and strong. The combination

slotted, phillips, hex-head screws are presinserted for quick and easy

attachment. The yellow zinc coating resists corrosion, and meets or exceeds

most salt-spray standards. The Flex Clips are UV-resistant, too --

independent tests confirm that long term exposure to the elements,

including ultraviolet light, does not affect the holding power of the clips.