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Tii 5100 Two Line Enhanced Indoor/Outdoor Network Interface Device 5101-71-1I00


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Provides an additional line module location space which is ideally suited for voice/data bridging modules or xDSL splitter modules. X Constructed of superior materials to withstand harsh outdoor environments, such as UV degradation, chemical exposure and cold temperatures. X Low profile design allows complete access to all components for easy installation and servicing. X Conveniently located telco ground stud facilitates installation. An integrally molded ground stud commonly bonds the station protector to the telco ground stud which eliminates the need for jumper wires. X All internal components – protector modules and CBMs – are completely modular, allowing for simple field expansion. X Standard features include side hinged cover and telco locking compartment. For added security the cover can be sealed in the field with a tie wrap or similar device. X The Tii 5100’s superior performing CBM includes Tii’s Auto-Jack® RJ-11 which is protected from the environment, requires no RJ-11 plug, and exceeds Telcordia requirements for first and second level power surges resulting in unsurpassed performance. X Customer connections are equipped with insulated screw terminals or optional gel sealed Insulation Displacement Contacts (IDC) terminations. X Each lockable CBM also accepts a standard RJ-11 plug for easy customer troubleshooting

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