Type RP Rapid Power TELCOM/ CATV Cleaner & Degreaser Solvent Wipe POLYWATER RP-1


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Includes: Saturated 5" x 8" Wipe in Sealed Pouch

Type RP is a fast evaporating cleaner with excellent solvency properties.

Type RP is an effective splice and termination cleaner.

Type RP will clean semi-conducting cable shield, corrosion inhibiting
compound, silicone greases, filling gels, transformer oils and many other
contaminants found in electrical cleaning. It is compatible with most materials.

Type RP is available in convenient pre-saturated towelettes and cable prep kits.
Pre-saturated wipes are a great option for field use. The towels are durable and
non-linting. The pouch package limits vapor exposure and eliminates spill and splash hazards.

Type RP
passes IEEE 1493, Guide for the Evaluation of Solvents Used for
Cleaning Electrical Cables and Accessories.