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UNITY 4422 Digital Video Receiver

Wegener Communications

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Product Details

The UNITY 4422 digital video receiver provides MPEG 4:2:2 decoding for the highest quality video available. It is a highly reliable receiver which can be used for satellite QPSK reception or terrestrial with ASI inputs. The UNITY 4422 automatically detects if 4:2:0 or 4:2:2 video is present. You simply set the frequency and bandwidth parameters via front panel control (or remotely via Compel Network Control


Your UNITY network will enjoy the power of Compel Control. You can control your UNITY receivers as individual sites or groups. This means more than just permissioning a receiver. Compel Control issues commands. Scheduling commands let you regionalize programming and regionalize commercials, thus increasing revenues. In addition, switching between satellite transponders or even to a different satellite for disaster recovery (this feature has saved networks — ask about it). Over 150 networks worldwide enjoy the unique power of Compel Network Control systems. Take control of your network with the right digital choice; UNITY receivers with the power of Compel Control.


UNITY Option Cards

UNITY Option Cards allow the UNITY 4422 to expand its feature set. The UNITY Sync DataCard provides high speed broadcast data up to 6.8 Mbps. The UNITY DVB-ASI Input Card provides easy interface to terrestrial networks. The UNITY 4-way RF Switch lets you command the receiver to look at up to four separate satellites for unparalleled disaster recovery. The UNITY Relay Card puts 14 remote controllable relay contacts at your command.

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