VERICOM BRWSR-04865 WEATHER SEAL(100 Pack) - Confluent Technology Group
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VERICOM BRWSR-04865 WEATHER SEAL(100 Pack) - Confluent Technology Group

Vericom BRWSR-04865 Weather Seal(100 Pack)

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Product Type Weather Sealing Rings

Product Dimensions .60” (15.17 mm) x .51” (12.89 mm)

Product Material EPDM Rubber

UV Resistant Yes

Weather Resistant Yes

Weight (each) 1.4 grams

PRODUCT TYPE Weather Sealing Rings


• Coax Splitters • F-81 Barrel Connectors • F-81 Connectors • Coax Ground Blocks 

VERICOM® WEATHER SEALING RINGS Vericom Weather Sealing rings help protect the threaded area of outdoor connection points on F-81 coax equipment. The ring sits tightly around a female F-81 post and the opposite end fits tightly around the smooth cylinder area of a F connector nut. By sealing both ends, threaded connection points are protected from moisture movement and product performance isn’t sacrificed. FEATURES • UV Resistant • Weather Resistant • Flexible Rubber Material • Sold in Bags of 100 pcs 


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