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VisionTeq Electroline 16 Input Return Path Combiner RCD-1002


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Refurbished with our 6 Month Warranty. Power supply is not included, This combiner can be used as an active or passive combiner.

Description Today's headend and hub sites are constantly being upgraded to provision new services, such as telephony, high-speed data (HSD), and Video On Demand (VOD). As customers look for more advanced services and node sizes become smaller, a well-designed combining system will play a key role in introducing new services and managing the increase in subscribers without disrupting services. The RCD-1002 is the most flexible and high performance cable management system available. It is designed to route 16 return path inputs to multiple output configurations for all applications of cable management. Each input is distributed to two zero loss outputs and combined to three grouped outputs each at 4:1, 8:1 and 16:1. This allows operators to customize their return path routing to best meet existing and future delivery of advanced services. Taking only three rack units, the RCD-1002 maintains a high port density thereby maximizing expensive and premium rack space. The front panel has individual and grouped test points for monitoring and testing of the return path without affecting the cable network. The ìplug-in moduleî feature adds an extremely flexible expansion layer that allows the user to change the characteristics of individual return path nodes. The RCD-1002 offers unparalleled return loss, isolation and frequency response specifications and is designed to work with the RCE Series of return path combining products to provide the ultimate in cable management and routing. Features ▼ Compact - only three rack units high for maximum cable density-16 inputs/53 outputs ▼ Combination of individual and grouped outputs for customizing to operatorsí needs ▼ Plug-in modules to amplify, equalize and filter all or part of the return band ▼ Excellent return loss, isolation and frequency response specifications ▼ Individual and grouped test points for monitoring and testing without service disruption

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