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VM2551A Agile Modulator - Confluent Technology Group

VM2551A Agile Modulator

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R.L. Drake now offers you superior performance and extensive channel capacity with the VM2551A agile video modulator. Another quality product from Drake, the VM2551A is a vestigial sideband, agile modulator with synthesized visual and aural carriers and a full +60 dBmV output level. Designed to accept composite NTSC video and audio inputs from a satellite receiver, video server, off-air demodulator, DVD player, VCR, or similar source, the VM2551A features front panel video and audio over-modulation indicators and level controls to permit easy setup of modulation levels. The use of frequency synthesis provides complete frequency agility in the range of 54 to 550 MHz using off-air or CATV (STD, IRC, or HRC) channel plans. In compliance with FCC regulations, channels that fall in specified aeronautical bands feature automatic frequency offset.

The use of a superior SAW filter in the IF circuitry allows adjacent channel operation when used with other modulators or signal sources. A composite IF loop following the SAW filter and before signal conversion to the final RF output channel allows IF encryption. EAS/Alternate IF feature allows automatic or manual EAS/ALT IF insertion. These features, combined with a carefully designed low distortion output stage, provide reliable and economical performance in an adjacent channel +60 dBmV cable television or private cable environment.

  • A popular priced agile NTSC modulator.
  • Frequency agility with 82 channel coverage from 54 MHz to 550 MHz.
  • CATV (STD, HRC or IRC) or off-air channel plans selectable from front panel.
  • Front panel control of channel selection, video level, audio level, output level, and A/V ratio.
  • High output power to +60 dBmV.
  • Designed for multiple modulator installations.
  • Emergency Alert System (EAS) ready.
  • Composite IF loop to accommodate a variety of encryption systems.
  • Audio and Video LED overmodulation indicators.
  • Automatic channel offsets where specified by FCC regulations.
  • SAW filtering to ensure quality performance.

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