Wirewerks LC/UPC-SC/UPC, 30m; Part #CPC-E7LSBSSB-030

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FOPC SM B/I 2F 1.2mm Ofnr, lc/upc-sc/upc, 30 meters; RoHS Compliant, Telecordia GR-326-CORE Compliant;

FOPC- Fiber Optic Patch Cord-  a fiber-optic cable capped at either end with connectors that allow it to be rapidly and conveniently connected to CATV, an optical switch or other telecommunication equipment. Its thick layer of protection is used to connect the optical transmitter, receiver, and the terminal box.

SM B/I 2F- Singlemode Bi-Directional Duplex-  Singlemode cable features a 9-micron glass core. Duplex cable consists of two fibers, usually in a zipcord (side-by-side) style. Use duplex multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable for applications that require simultaneous, bi-directional data transfer. ..

Ultra Bend Optimized Fiber-  Optical fiber is sensitive to stress, particularly bending. ... An optical "trench" - the term used for a ring of lower index of refraction material - was built into the fiber to basically reflect the lost light back into the core of the fiber.  This particular fiber holds up better under stress.  As a result, it holds up much better under stress and is able to be bent or stapled in 
place.  This makes it very good at applications as part of the fiber framework in buildings, etc...

OFNR- Optical Fiber Nonconductive Riser-  OFNR refers to the fiber rating of the cable jacketing. OFNR is the designation given by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) to interior fiber-optic cables which contain no electrically conductive component, and which are certified for use in Riser applications.

LC/UPC-SC/UPC Connectors:  LC/UPC Connectors are suitable for Local Area Networks (LANs), Storage Area Networks (SANs), Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MAN) data center, business, premises, security, FTTH, FTTP, FTTA, high EMI, and commercial applications.  They are blue in color with white jacketed boots.

SC/UPC Connectors connector adopts an extended polish method to realize finer fiber surface finish, which brings much lower back reflection (ORL) and thus provides much more reliable signal in data center, digital TV and telephone.  They also are blue in color with
white jacketed boots.

RoHS Compliant-  RoHS is a product level compliance based on the European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC, the Restriction of the Use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS).

Telcordia GR 326Core Compliant- Generic Requirements for Single-mode Optical Connectors and Jumper Assemblies,” is a specification for single-mode connectors and cable assemblies only.  

Part #CPC-E7LSBSSB-030

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