Woodowl 04181 1/4" x 18" Bellhanger Installation Drill Bit HRC 59 Induction Hardened Steel (1/4" x 18")


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  • Bellhanger bits are the bit of choice for installing all types of small wire systems including stereo, cable, computer, phone and security
  • These bellhanger bits are precision milled and ground producing bits that are perfectly concentric with very little wobble. They will drill accurate diameter holes, require less energy to power through wood and produce less heat. They will also drill straight and true through all types of wood with minimal wandering.
  • The tip has a small hole that enables wire to be attached and pulled through long holes in walls, floors and ceilings
  • Cutting heads are fully induction hardened to 58 HRC making them perfect for boring holes in wood, plaster, lathe and light masonry
  • These bits feature quick release hex shanks for fast bit change-outs with secure gripping surfaces in drill chucks

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